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Round and Round

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Puddle SPLASH!  Oopsie! C-R-A-S-H!

Look Out! There’s a rough road ahead. Crashes and smashes can happen when riding a bike for the first time. This near rhyme, action- packed picture book takes readers on a bumpy ride and keeps one holding the handlebars wondering, will I ever experience sweet success?

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Frog and Bear

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Oh no!  Not Yet!  Too soon! Frog says as Bear burrows in the woods looking for a place to sleep. Watch the fun while Frog plays, pesters and distracts his groggy friend to keep him awake. Will Bear ever get to take his winter nap? Frog and Bear is a humorous, rhyming picture book for anyone who loves a silly bedtime story.

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The Lie

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I said it.  It was just a little one.  Nobody sees it…but I do. At first, her lie seems tiny and harmless. (The lie is illustrated as a small black dot.) Then, it begins to grow bigger and grow all by itself. What will a girl do when she finds herself alone, in the dark and trapped by her lie?  From fib to whopper this story helps parents and teachers discuss the dangers of lying in a gentle way.

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All the earth cheers, sings, roars, and shouts, Hallelujah! in this joyful picture book. Hallelujah! encourages readers to watch and wonder about nature. Nature is full of ways to praise and a close observer will realize that creation is praising all around us every day.  This rhythmic story is a playful reminder to all of us to give praise.

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Yes, Princess

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One Brave Knight scrambles down castle steps, jumps across a moat, and tiptoes past a sleeping dragon on a quest to please a demanding princess. Yes, Princess is an adventurous and surprising picture book full of hidden hints in the illustrations and a laugh out loud ending.  It sparks imagination and inspires creative play.

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Gilbert the Gator

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Gilbert’s biggest dream is to become a waiter.  He travels around the world introducing savory dishes from many different cultures, but always frightens the restaurant’s patrons because…well...he’s a GATOR!  Gilbert tries several silly tactics and finds inspiration in an unexpected place.  Will Gilbert realize his dream?  Find out in this story!  

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Ahhh Milk!

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Take a big gulp and enjoy…..Ahhh Milk!  Every child around the world drinks milk, but does every child realize that milk comes from a variety of animals, plants and trees?  Ahhhh Milk! is a nonfiction picture book that takes a young child on a journey to discover the ways milk is harvested, produced, and savored.

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About the Author

I grew up in rural Wisconsin.  My backyard was filled with green rolling hills.  I don’t want to brag, but I had both a tree fort AND a teepee to play in every day. Salamanders, frogs, and creepy crawly critters were all part of the fun.  I also had many friends; some real and some imaginary.  I was never bored.

My childhood was the stuff of storybooks!  I recall my memories of exploration, wonder and discovery as I write for children.  While working in various professions, I realized- stories are powerful!  They engage listeners, provoke thought, and bring smiles.  Stories bring together parents and children, teachers and students, leaders and professionals.  From childhood to adult, we all love great stories and I want to work with a team that creates them. My greatest joy is to write for children.

Today I live in Ft. Wayne, Indiana with my husband and three sons who are quickly becoming men. I am surprised daily, laughing constantly, and never wondering what to do with my time.  It’s quite the adventure! 


Fun Facts

  • My first childhood home was a renovated cheese factory.
  • I graduated second in my high school class… out of three students.
  • I have a BA in Elementary Education and a Kindergarten Endorsement.
  • My jobs: Teacher, Fundraiser, Marketing Manager, Development Director, and my favorites-Storyteller and Writer.
  • I enjoy writing plays, puppet scripts, poems, and picture books.
  • I have a dog and cat who can’t get along!
  • Chocolate cake makes me happy.
  • I like to hike, run, yoga and golf.

Story Time with Abbe

We Wiggle. We Play. We Praise.

Story Time is faith-based and interactive.  With puppets, paints, and imaginative play, we learn all about our great big God! 

Be part of epic Bible stories. We will catch oodles of fish, survive stormy seas, and become good Samaritans.  Along the way, we will learn to follow Jesus, brave any storm, and love our neighbors.

After our story, let’s jump, twirl and raise our hands to praise God.  He is amazing and deserves our praise.  You can sing, shout and make some noise with instruments.  Sing out loud…even louder…He can hear us!

Before you leave, take time to create.  Make a piece of art that will help you remember our story. You can look at your creation, and then act out our story at home.  That way you’ll never forget it!


Whew!  Learning about God can be so much fun!

A gifted storyteller and communicator, Abbe Starr, engages, entertains, and educates children in a remarkable and rare fashion. Her characters spring to life with words and stories that teach truth in a way that connects to both the hearts and minds of young ones. Whether it's the reading of a book, a puppet show containing loveable characters, or a creative artistic depiction of a story, storytime with Abbe brings giggles and joy while imparting timeless truths. --

Becki Carmen

Primary Principal - Blackhawk Christian School

Mrs. Abbe Starr expertly grabs the attention of preschoolers and leads them through precious words from the Bible in a way that keeps them on the edge of their seat.  Her love shown for each individual child conveys the love that Jesus wants us each to know personally. She creates a shared experience of the Bible in a way that entertains and reaches the heart of each little one.  

Regina K. Schrock

Community Relations Coordinator - Heritage Christian School

Meet my favorite friends that come along for the fun!


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Tweeters is a spunky bird who flies high and low to deliver important messages to all Story Time Friends!  Straight from his beak to our mailbox he inspires us to Love One Another, Be Strong and Courageous, and remember that we are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made           

Smitty & Dewy

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Our favorite meteorologist, Smitty reports live to Story Time Friends with his storm-chaser frog, Dewy.  This dynamic duo brings smiles and giggles as they observe the sky and sniff out storms.  They share accounts of Jesus calming storms and manna falling from the sky.  They remind us that our God is big, and He is with us. 

Chef Pierre with Zach & Zoe

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Chaos and laughter comes to Chef Pierre’s tidy kitchen every time a rambunctious boy named Zach and his curious sister Zoe visit.  With so much work to be done, Chef Pierre enlists all preschool children to help him knead, pat, stir and chop.  While we cook, we learn that God’s word is like a recipe.  Follow it, and life can be delicious.